General FAQs

Q: What area does RD1000 serve?

A: Reclamation district 1000 serves the entire Natomas Basin area which extends from American River up into Sutter County all the way to the Cross Canal and Pleasant Grove Canal. Approximately 55,000 acres. 

Q: Do I need any special permitting for building in Natomas?

A: It depends, Projects along the river are required to have special permitting. Read about Encroachment Permits to find out more about the permitting process and if you are required to have an enroachment permit before you begin construction. 

Q: I just purchased a property or are considering purchasing a property in your district, how do I determine if I owe any assessments to RD 1000?

A: RD 1000's assessment fees are collected through the county tax roll, if your property taxes are paid and up to date, so are your assessment fees for the district.