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Natomas Levees

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The Reclamation District No. 1000 levee system consists of approximately 42 miles of levees encircling the District which is also known as the Natomas basin.

The District’s operation and maintenance levee work program includes

  • Trimming vegetation that impairs visibility of the levees and adjacent areas where boils, seepage, or other signs of levee distress can be observed 
  • Spraying pre-and post-emergent herbicides to control weed growth and reduce fire risk 
  • Mowing vegetation to control growth and reduce fire hazard 
  • Rodent abatement 
  • Erosion repairs to levees from high river stages, wind, and wave effects, and runoff 
  • Resurfacing levee access roads for all-weather access 
  • Flood season preparation 
  • Equipment maintenance and repair 
  • Stockpiling flood emergency materials 
  • Routine levee inspections year-round and 24-hour levee patrols during high river stages 
  • Emergency flood response.