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Reclamation District 1000: Our Mission

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Reclamation District No. 1000’s mission is flood protection for the Natomas Basin providing for the public’s health and safety by operating and maintaining the levees, and the District’s canals and pump stations in a safe, efficient and responsible manner.

District Responsibility Statement:

The District meets its flood protection Mission by operating and maintaining:

  • The perimeter levee system to prevent exterior floodwaters from entering the Natomas Basin
  • The District’s interior canal system to collect the stormwater runoff and agricultural drainage from within the Natomas Basin
  • The District’s pump stations to safely discharge interior stormwater and agricultural drainage out of the Natomas Basin

District Vision Statement:

In meeting its flood protection Mission, the District shall also:  

  • Carry out its responsibilities in a safe, professional, and accountable manner that adheres to the principles of good governance and transparency being sensitive to community interests and the environment
  • Continuously identify and implement operational, maintenance, structural, and non-structural improvements that reduce flood risks in the Natomas Basin
  • Cooperate with private entities and public agencies (including the Corps of Engineers and the State Central Valley Flood Protection Board) with whom the District shares responsibilities, common goals, and objectives for flood protection in the Natomas Basin
  • Educate the public about the risks of flooding in the Natomas Basin and the District’s efforts to minimize those risks

When a levee issue is detected, the District is prepared to respond with materials and equipment. The District maintains a stockpile of sandbags and rock to initiate a flood fight. Should the need be greater than the available resources, the District will call upon local contractors who are ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to an emergency with major equipment, flood fight materials, and labor as necessary. It is very important for residents to stay away from a flood fight operation for their own safety. If you see a problem during a flood, please contact the District office at 916-922-1449. (Alternatively, you may also contact the State-Federal Flood Center at 1-800-952-5530).