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Levee Encroachments

What is a levee encroachment and why does it matter? 

Encroachments on the levee system or floodway must be permitted and regularly evaluated to ensure they will not compromise the integrity of the flood control system.  It is also important to ensure that any modifications to the floodway will not adversely affect other properties. Levee encroachments can be the construction of buildings, fencing, grading, trenching, or planting of vegetation on the levee itself, the land, or the waterside of a levee. Encroachments may also consist of non-compliant structures or vegetation blockage that impair our ability to monitor the levee or river system. 

The levees and floodway along the Sacramento River protect the lives and property of thousands of Natomas residents, businesses, schools, places of worship, and other critical public infrastructure.