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Natomas Levee Improvement Plan FAQ

The Natomas Basin faces a significant risk of flooding due to the need for repairs to the existing levees. SAFCA has undertaken the design and construction of the Natomas Levee Improvement Project (NLIP) to repair and improve the existing levees with funding from the State of California and the Federal Government. Upon completion of this work, the upgrade of the levees will provide Natomas with a 200-year level of flood protection.

What is the status of the Natomas Levee Improvement Project and when will it be complete? 

Construction started on the NLIP in 2007 along the Natomas Cross Canal along the northern perimeter of the Natomas Basin. The work done to date has addressed the worst reaches of the levee based on our historical experience thereby reducing the flood risk to Natomas. For an update on the status, please see SAFCA's website

Will levee improvements widen Garden Highway? 

The levee improvement completed to date north of Powerline Road along the Sacramento River included constructing a new "adjacent" levee next to Garden Highway which is higher and wider than the old Garden Highway levee. South of Powerline Road, the levee does not need to be raised, so the existing Garden Highway levee will be widened to the landside (away from the Sacramento River) but the actual roadway will not be modified.

Is it necessary to remove vegetation from the levees? 

A vegetation variance was approved by the Corps of Engineers to relax standards regarding the removal of vegetation on the waterside of the levees in areas where the NLIP is building an oversized levee. This includes the Sacramento River reach. Most of the vegetation along the landside of the levee will need to be removed to accommodate the proposed levee improvements.