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How We Are Funded


Revenues to operate and maintain the District are raised through a special benefit assessment on properties in Natomas and a newly introduced stormwater service fee. The stormwater fee supports the District’s interior storm drain system consisting of channels, drains, pipes, and pumps which redistribute excess water across the system, allowing all property owners to put their land to beneficial use. This fee provides ongoing support for the operations and maintenance of the District’s drainage system. The special benefit assessment funds general flood protection for properties within district boundaries. The assessment and fee appear on the annual Sacramento County property tax bill as a direct levy and are designated “RD 1000”. The amount of the assessment is determined by the property's use, size, and location in the Natomas Basin. A “typical” single-family residential lot pays approximately $10 per year for the services we provide. The fee amount is determined by land use and calculations regarding runoff on the property. More details are provided below.