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Flood FAQs

Common questions for residents living in a flood plain

How do I find out if I am in a floodplain and subject to flood insurance? 

Determining whether you live in the FEMA floodplain is easy. Visit FEMA's website and search by location. If you live in the City of Sacramento you should call (916) 808-8506 or visit the City's website. If you live in the County of Sacramento you should call (916) 874-7517 or visit the County's website. 

Why is my flood insurance increasing? 

Please contact the City of Sacramento for questions regarding flood insurance. 

When do you start levee patrolling during a flood and what problems are you looking for? 

Our crews start patrolling the levees 24-hours a day, seven days a week when the river levels get higher than the normal river bank levels and water is against the levee. The frequency of our patrols increases as the stage of the river rises. Our crews are in trucks with flashing lights and have spotlights to monitor the river levels and levee conditions. They are looking for seepage, boils, sloughing, or other signs of levee distress. Should a problem be observed, our crews are ready to respond with sandbags, visqueen (black sheets of plastic) or large rock to stabilize the levee. For more serious problems, we will have local contractors respond with equipment, materials, and labor to address the situation and stabilize the levee. In extreme situations, the Army Corps of Engineers will mobilize and conduct a flood fight to save a levee from failing. 

Where can I get information on river levels during a flood event? 

The best source of information on river levels and reservoir operations is the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC).

When does the Sacramento Weir open? 

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) operates the weir according to regulations established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The opening and closing criteria have been optimized to balance two goals: (1) minimize sediment deposits due to decreased flow velocities downstream, and (2) limit flooding of agricultural lands in the Yolo Bypass until after they have inundated from floodwaters over Fremont Weir. Questions or concerns about the operation of the weir during flood events should be directed to the State Flood Center as RD 1000 has no authority over its operations. 

If the levee is breached in a flood, how quickly will my neighborhood flood? 

Please look at the City of Sacramento website for Inundations Maps.

What should I do in a flood? 

Click here for more information

Who is SAFCA? 

The Sacramento Area Flood Control Association (SAFCA) is the regional flood control agency. They are a joint powers authority formed by the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, Sutter County, the American River Flood Control District, and RD 1000. Their purpose is to be the local partner with the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of California on the planning and construction of major flood control improvements. 

Why do I pay a flood control assessment to both SAFCA and RD1000? 

The assessment paid to SAFCA funds their planning effort plus the capital costs of major flood control projects including the Natomas Levee Improvement Program (NLIP). RD 1000 assessments are used to fund the day-to-day maintenance of the levees/canals/pump stations, small capital projects, levee patrols, and flood emergency response. Upon completion of the NLIP, RD 1000 will assume responsibility to operate and maintain the improvements constructed by the project.