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Plant 4

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Pumping Plant 4 - 2005

Pumping Plant 4 is the northernmost plant in the District, located in Sutter County at the end of the North Drain and on the Natomas Cross Canal. This pumping plant utilizes 3 lift pumps to discharge over 100,000 gallons of water per minute (GPM) Plant 4 was originally constructed in 1964 to accommodate new development in Sutter County, however, this area remains mostly agricultural land. 



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Flood Waters Along the Feather River - February 1986

In 1986, Plant 4 was reconstructed after the historical floods of 1986, which tested the limits of RD1000’s flood infrastructure, to accommodate greater run-off from agricultural drainage and stormwater.





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Pumping Plant 4 Reconstruction - NLIP - Reach D - Fall 2021

As part of the Natomas Levee Improvement Project (NLIP), Pumping Plant 4 is currently under reconstruction and is anticipated to be finished and fully operational in 2024 as part of the greater plan to increase flood protection throughout the Natomas Basin.

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Pumping Plant 4