Natomas Levee Project

Natomas Levee project

Natomas Levee Project—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Update January 2019)

Goal:  Complete levee improvements started by SAFCA/State to provide Natomas Basin at least 200-year flood protection

Project Status:  Project is fully authorized by Congress (2014 Water Resources and Reform Development Act).  Appropriations are made on an annual basis

Cost Sharing Partners:  SAFCA (local) and Central Valley Flood Protection Board (State)

Operation and Maintenance Responsibility:  Reclamation District No. 1000

Construction Status:  See Construction Phasing Map

Reach I (American River Gateway Oaks to Northgate):   Phase 1 contract has been awarded in October 2018.  Work under I-5 began in mid-December 2018.  The construction has required partial lane closures under I-5 into January 2019. to be constructed fall of 2018 (some traffic impacts).  Cutoff wall construction along Garden Highway in 2019 with significant traffic impacts.  For the latest information see contact information below provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

We’ll provide more information regarding the dates and duration of the closure in the coming weeks. You can stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook and Twitter or by signing up for our mailing list by contacting Tyler Stalker at (redacted) or 916-557-5100. For more information on the project, please see our project web page at

Reach H (NEMDC/Steelhead Creek from American River to Dry Creek):  Bids were opened in November 2018; the contract award is pending additional administrative review by the Corps of Engineers. Anticipate construction commencing in 2019 and completion in 2020.  A cutoff wall in the levee and landside improvements; will require temporarily degrading (lowering) existing levee for construction.

Reach D (Natomas Cross Canal—northern boundary of Natomas):  Contract award May 2018. Contractor mobilized to site mid-August and commenced excavation of the new Vestal Drain south of the existing Natomas Water Company’s irrigation canal.  The removed material is being stockpiled adjacent to the existing Vestal Drain near the levee. The remainder of work to be completed in 2019 including demolition and reconstruction of the RD 1000 Pumping Plant 4.  Given the remote location, there are minimal impacts to traffic or properties. The project includes re-locate Vestal Drain (ag drain on landside of levee); removal of existing abandoned pipes through levee; and reconstruction of RD 1000 Pumping Plant No. 4

Reaches A and B—Preliminary design has commenced on Reaches A and B with Reach B as the anticipated first project with construction anticipated to start in 2020 predominantly using an adjacent levee with seepage berms.  Property owners affected by the Construction have been or will soon be contacted by SAFCA representatives to discuss the project and any necessary right of way acquisition required for the improvements.  Reach A is still in preliminary design.

Reaches E, F, and G—Improvements are currently in various phases of design to identify necessary improvements, right of way needs, and identify utility relocations necessary.  See Construction Phasing Map for anticipated construction schedule.  Information on construction details and schedule will be provided when available