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Natomas Levee Project

Natomas Levee project

Natomas Levee Project—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Goal:  Complete levee improvements started by SAFCA/State to provide Natomas Basin at least 200-year flood protection

Project Status:  Project is fully authorized by Congress (2014 Water Resources and Reform Development Act).  Appropriations are made on an annual basis

Cost Sharing Partners:  SAFCA (local) and Central Valley Flood Protection Board (State)

Operation and Maintenance Responsibility:  Reclamation District No. 1000

Construction Status:  See Construction Phasing Map

March 2024 Status:

Reach A

i.      The Contract was awarded in September 2021 to Ahtna-Great Lakes (joint venture) for the base contract levee work. Construction is currently on hold through the flood season.

ii.     Modifications to Plant 1B and 1A have been included in the project. The contract includes the provisions in the agreement between the District and SAFCA to ensure Plant 1A and 1B are operational during the flood season throughout the project and partial operation of Plant 1B during the irrigation season for rice drainage.

iii.   SAFCA/State continue coordinating with the Corps on SMUD, AT&T and PGE relocations which are underway. The team is also working with the City of Sacramento on waterline and service connections along Garden Highway.

iv.   Partnering Meeting scheduled for 3/1 to discuss Pumping Plant 1A/1B improvements this summer.

Reach B

i.      Construction continued on Reach B including relocation of the Riverside Canal and replacement of other Natomas Water Company facilities. This project is 99% complete, a majority of the remaining tasks minor punch list items.

Reach C

i.      The Reach C project is complete, and the District is providing the operation and maintenance.

Reach D

i.      The reconstruction of Pumping Plant 4, discharge pipes and outfall structure is substantially complete. The plant will be non-operational a this flood season as the electrical protection equipment delivery is scheduled for May 2024. Temporary power installation for pump motor heaters is complete.

ii.     Mulitipe meetings have been held with USACE and PG&E to discuss permanent power.

iii.   The Corps is working on the package to turn the previously completed levee improvements in Reach D over to the non-federal sponsors (and RD 1000) though the District has effectively taken over the O&M of the levee.

Reach E

i.      PG&E relocations are complete, AT&T service pole relocations are in progress. Levee grading work, slurry wal, working platform and culvert underdrain replacements are in included in this project.

ii.     SAFCA has acquired all the right of way for construction and utility relocations and has physical possession of the property. This includes the Brookfield property which could yield sufficient borrow for the remainder of the Natomas project.

Reach F

i.      The Corps is working with the State, SAFCA and RD 1000 to close out comments from the 95% and 100 % design. Final plans and specifications are to be completed by October 2023. The Corps has an issue with their internal review process which could delay the final design.

ii.     Critical issues include right of way acquisition (some which require relocations); relocation of existing WAPA tower (lead time for relocation more than a year); utility relocations and borrow source.

iii.   Levee construction award is scheduled for 2024 with construction in 2025 and 2026. Ongoing coordination with easements, O&M features and Pumping Plant #6 work.

Reach G

i.      See notes above for Reach F as Reaches F and G are combined into a single design and construction contract.

Reach H

i.      Construction at Reach H will continue this summer, including fence relocationsm and landside lower patrol road. This project is expected to continue through 2024.

Reach I

i.      Construction of the cutoff wall has been completed and project finalization and turnover to SAFCA and the District is in progress. A final construction report has been submitted for SAFCA and the District to review.

ii.     Design for the Reach I Contract 2 to construct a patrol / maintenance road and perform levee slope flattening has been completed. SAFCA is working on real estate acquisition and coordination with utilities for relocation. All tree removal has been completed. Letter of Acceptance sent to SAFCA. O&M manual was provided by the USACE

Other Projects

i.      Plant 5 replacement—The Corps has awarded the design contract to the Stantec/Kleinfelder team. The new pumping plant will be located approximately 400 feet east from the current location. The Corps is working with the State, SAFCA and RD 1000 to close out comments from the 95% plans. The current schedule is for construction in 2025. 

Highway 99 Window – Construction estimated June-October 2024.

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Map of the Natomas Basin showing project segments

 Natomas Levee Project Map