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RD 1000: Facilities

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The District operates and maintains a drainage system consisting of 30 miles of main drainage canals, approximately 150-miles of drainage ditches, and seven main pumping stations. Runoff water from precipitation and agricultural drainage is collected in various small ditches, street drains, or pipes. Pipes and ditches carry the water into a main drainage canal. Each main drainage canal leads to the Sacramento River. Pumping plants are located between the canals and the river. These pumping plants release water in a controlled manner into the river and throughout our flood control system and are periodically turned on and off throughout the year in response to the water levels.

What is a pumping plant and how does it mitigate flood risk?

A pumping plant moves water from one point to another. Pumping plants are an essential part of Reclamation District No. 1000’s flood control plan in the Natomas Basin.

Annually, the District pumps approximately 34,500 acre-feet of water, placing our drainage system under stress. When there is a large quantity of precipitation, agricultural runoff, or when urban stormwater is drained, the pumps turn on to release the excess water into the Sacramento River. 

Each of the District’s pumping plants undergoes regular maintenance and repairs when necessary. Several plants are planned to undergo upgrades or construction in the near future as a part of the District’s plan to provide 200-year flood protection.

Main District Facilities: