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RD 1000: Facilities

May contain: nature, outdoors, transportation, vehicle, tractor, and bulldozer

The Reclamation District 1000 levee system consists of 42.61 miles of project levees encircling the District which is located in Sacramento and Sutter counties and is approximately 55,000 acres in size. The levee heights range from an elevation of 39 to 44 feet (USGS datum). The standard 100-year flood plain is five to six feet lower than the crown of the levees. In addition to the project levees, the District maintains approximately ten miles of non-project levees. The levees are inspected, maintained, and repaired by the District on a regular basis throughout the year and patrolled continuously during periods of high water to safeguard against failure.

The District operates and maintains a drainage system consisting of 30 miles of main drainage canals, about 150-miles of drainage ditches, and seven main pumping stations. The drainage system collects stormwater and drainage and delivers them to the pumping plants for disposal in the Sacramento River.

Annually the District pumps on average approximately 34,500 acre-feet of water.