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Plant 8

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Plant 8 Pumps - 2020

Pumping Plant 8 is located on the western side of Natomas along the Natomas East Main Drain Canal (NEMDC) north of I-80 adjacent to Northgate Blvd. Originally constructed in 1983 for the development of North Natomas.

Plant 8 underwent major modifications in 2001 to increase pumping capacity and replace the need for a proposed Pumping Plant 7.


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Plant 8 Pumps

Pumping Plant 8 is the District’s largest pumping plant and does the bulk of pumping in Natomas due to its locations and pumping capacity. Major improvements including added pumping capacity and new trash racks were completed in 2001.

Due to its role in the District’s flood control system as one of the primary pumping plants, Plant 8 has been highlighted in the District’s 2020 CIP plan for critical infrastructure upgrades over the next 2 decades.

In 2022, the District will begin scoping work on Plant 8 for replacement. The rebuild is estimated to cost $10-25 million.