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Jagteshwar (Jag) Bains, Trustee

Position: Parcel Seat
Term: 2022-2026
Email Address:

AB 1234 Certification of Completion

May contain: shirt, clothing, apparel, human, person, and man

Elected in 2019, Jag Bains serves voters of the Natomas Basin Community as Trustee of RD1000. As a Trustee, Bains works toward setting District goals, policies and contributes toward the District’s vision for the future. Since 2019, Bains actively participates in several of the Board Committees – Finance, Personnel, Legal, Operations (Chair), and appointed SAFCA Board Representative.

A first-generation immigrant, Bains has prospered and enjoys a dedicated career in public service as an engineering supervisor for the County of Sacramento. Bains is also a known education activist and is a strong supporter of Career Technical Education (CTE), youth programs, and multiple instructional pathways that support student success. Currently, he serves as a Board Member for the Natomas Unified School District. Appointed to the City of Sacramento Parks Commission in 2016, Bains contributed toward making recommendations and providing advice to the City Council and Department of Youth Parks and Community Enrichment on policies and projects affecting parks and community enrichment.

As a resident in Natomas for 15 years, Jag Bains is most proud of his wonderful family and thankful for positively contributing to the Natomas community.