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Vote by Proxy

Can a landowner vote by proxy?

Yes, provided the proxy is in proper form and properly executed and acknowledged by the landowner giving it.  Water Code §50759 provides that no person shall vote by proxy at a district election unless authority to vote is evidenced by an instrument in writing acknowledged and certified in the same manner as grants of real property and filed with the election board.

blue "vote" with red check mark in "o"

The proxy must, of course, be signed by a landowner whose name either appears on the appropriate county tax roll as an owner or be accompanied by proof of ownership showing a change since the current date of the county roll, such as a copy of a deed or a policy of title insurance.  A proxy must name a natural person who actually votes the votes entitled to be voted, in person.  A form of proxy with a form of acknowledgment that meets the requirements of WC §50759 is attached as Tab 4.

Reclamation District 1000 Vote by Proxy Form