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Aerial Spraying Supplemental Information

RD 1000 Aerial Spraying Supplemental Information What is being done and where?

Reclamation District 1000 will be conducting aerial spraying of the aquatic vegetation in the Fisherman’s Lake and West Drain complex between El Centro Road on the south and east to Powerline Road on the north and west including the passage under Del Paso Road.

How and when will the aerial spraying be done?

The spray will be applied with a small helicopter used in similar agricultural applications around Natomas. We have scheduled the work for Wednesday, August 12 between 9:00 am and 12 pm. The application is dependent on the weather; it will not be applied if wind speed exceeds the allowable

Why is the aerial spraying being done?

The aerial spraying is necessary to control the aquatic vegetation, particularly the primrose which is an extremely invasive plant and if left untreated will clog the canal and block the flow of water. With flood season around the corner, we need to treat the vegetation so the winter runoff can flow to the District’s pumping plants to be safely discharged into the adjacent rivers and creeks to protect the Natomas basin from flooding. In addition, the invasive vegetation adversely impacts the natural habitat In the past, the District has applied these chemicals using a spray truck and/or a hand-held hose with a nozzle. We have also used boats to spray directly on the plants from within the water. However, the vegetation has grown to the point our hand applications cannot reach all the vegetation and the thickness prevents a boat from being able to travel through the water. The District has previously used aerial applications in this area with great success.

What is being applied to vegetation?

The product being applied is RoundUp Custom which after a few days will kill and stunt the growth of the primrose and other invasive aquatic plants. The product will be applied per the manufacturers’ and the District’s licensed Pesticide Advisor’s recommendations to ensure it does not adversely impact wildlife or other desirable plant species.

Why are we being notified about the aerial spraying?

The District has posted notices at the site which will be closed for recreational use during the application as a safety precaution. The application is limited to the aquatic vegetation and will not be applied to the trails or access roads. We will continue to do our normal truck or hand applications to control the terrestrial vegetation at these locations. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to prepare for flood season and our mission to provide flood protection to the greater Natomas community.