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2022 Board of Trustees Election

Reclamation District No. 1000 (RD1000) is a Local Special District responsible for flood protection for your property. As a property owner within the boundaries of RD1000, you can participate in the election of your representatives. RD1000 is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Trustees, elected or appointed every two years on a rotating basis (3 parcel seats, then 4 assessment seats) during statewide general elections to serve four (4) year terms. 

On November 8, 2022, the District will conduct an election for three (3) parcel seat Trustees. The District performs its own elections, separate from State/Regional/Local Procedures. You will receive a ballot directly from RD1000 ahead of the November 8, 2022, Election Day. 

RD1000 | 2022 General Election Timeline

March 2022
The Board of Trustees adopted a resolution calling the District Election for 2022

May 2022
The Board of Trustees adopted the 2022 Digest of Election Procedures

August 1, 2022
The District will publish a Notice of General Election and Notice of Nomination Petitions in local newspapers and at the local District Office.

August 25-September 15
The District will accept nominating petitions for the three (3) Trustee positions. To appear on the ballot, anyone running for Trustee must file a nomination petition with the Secretary of the District during the nominating period. 

October 12-30
Election materials, including ballots, will be mailed to voters.
*NOTE: Ballots are a direct mailing from RD1000 and are not included in other election ballots for the November 8, 2022, General Statewide Election. 

November 8, 2022
General Election held. Voter may vote in person on the day of the election or by mail prior to the closing of the polls on Election Day. The polling is the District Office (1633 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA 95833)

December 2, 2022
Elected trustees assume office.