Other Natomas Projects

Current Projects in the Natomas Basin

UPDATED: October 2018

SAFCA North Area Stream Group Project (SAFCA)

Location and Description:   Construct levee improvements on the easterly side of the Natomas East Main Drain Canal (NEMDC/Steelhead creek) as well as along Arcade Creek.  Borrow from the 2K borrow site near Eklhorn using the easterly side of the floodway at the waterside toe of the RD 1000 levee is complete. Schedule:         Start May 2018; completion by November 2018

Status:   No more material is being hauled from the Elkhorn Blvd borrow site south along the RD 1000 levee.  All work is contained to Arcade Creek and the Natomas East Main Drain Canal north of Arcade Creek along the east side.

Gateway Park Blvd Bridge Project (City of Sacramento)

Location and Description:  Construct new two-lane bridge for southbound traffic across District’s Ci Canal.  Project requires temporary dewatering of canal for bridge construction.

Schedule:   Start construction May 2018; completion 2019.

Status:   City’s Contractor has completed falsework and foundation in canal.  Bridge deck has been completed, but cofferdams are still in the District’s C1Canal.  should be completed in July.