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Natomas Levee Improvement Project - January 2022


Natomas Levee Project—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Goal:  Complete levee improvements started by SAFCA/State to provide Natomas Basin at least 200-year flood protection

Project Status:  Project is fully authorized by Congress (2014 Water Resources and Reform Development Act).  Appropriations are made on an annual basis

Cost Sharing Partners:  SAFCA (local) and Central Valley Flood Protection Board (State)

Operation and Maintenance Responsibility:  Reclamation District No. 1000

Construction Status:  See Construction Phasing Map

January 2022 Status:

Reach A

  i.      The Contract was awarded in September 2021 to Ahtna-Great Lakes (joint venture) for the base contract. Construction is still scheduled to commence in 2022 for three years pending resolution of borrow.

  ii.     Work at Plants 1A and 1B are options for Reach A contract to be awarded following resolution of an issue the Corps has with the SAFCA/RD 1000 agreement for work at Plant 1. The District is working with SAFCA and Corps Counsel to resolve the issue to ensure Plant 1A and 1B are operational for the flood season during the project.

  iii.   Tree removal work started in November and continued through December until weather shut the work down. SAFCA/State continue coordinating with the Corps on SMUD, AT&T and PGE relocations.

Reach B

  i.      Construction continued on Reach B including relocation of the Riverside Canal and replacement of other Natomas Water Company facilities. The Corps is working on logistics to have borrow for Reach B to be delivered from work on the Lower American River sites and Pocket Area levee in 2022.

  ii.     Work at Plant 3 was impacted by the current weather conditions delaying completion. District staff has been coordinating with Corps Project Management team to monitor construction on outfall, discharge pipes, pumps and electrical to get plant operational. Current schedule is to have Plant 3 operational for emergencies by late January and fully operational by late February 2022. Garden Highway will remain closed between San Juan Rd and Powerline Rd until the discharge pipe construction is complete.

  iii.   Construction at the I-5 window crossing the Sacramento River south of Bayou Road consists of levee widening, construction of a seepage berm on the landside, and intersection modifications for North Bayou Way and Garden Highway. The contractor has winterized the site with coordination from District field staff. The Corps is evaluating the current contract as it relates to contractor selection for project completion next year.

Reach C

  i.      The Reach C project is complete, and the District is providing the operation and maintenance.

Reach D

  i.      The reconstruction of Pumping Plant 4, discharge pipes and outfall structure has entered month 9. The plant will non-operational this flood season as the electrical protection equipment procurement is 36 weeks from the order date of 2/14/21. Completion target date of Plant 4 is September 2022.

  ii.     The Corps is working on the package to turn the previously completed levee improvements in Reach D over to the non-federal sponsors (and RD 1000) though the District has effectively taken over the O&M of the levee.

Reach E

  i.      The State, SAFCA and RD 1000 continue to work with the design team to resolve our comments on the 95% plans. The Corps has scheduled a “plans in hand meeting” for February 2022 when the 100% plans are expected to be complete. Currently, the proposed borrow site is the Kaufman property adjacent to the project. Critical issue continues to be securing right of way and coordination with PG&E to move their utility lines outside the proposed levee construction. The current scheduled contract award date is September 2022 with construction in 2023 and 2024.

  ii.     SAFCA and State DWR have initiated right of way acquisition based on the ROW Take letter from the Corps issued in July. Appraisals have been completed and offers made.  SAFCA is proceeding with a Resolution of Necessity for 3 parcels in February 2022 but hopes to negotiate resolution and avoid the eminent domain actions. 

Reach F

  i.      The Corps issued the 65%  plans on December 23, with comments due by January 12, 2022. The Corps is proposing a site visit for February 2022. 

  ii.     State and SAFCA continue working with the Corps on key issues affecting design; particularly the proposed takes on properties with existing structures, the work near Pumping Plant No. 6 and a borrow source. A portion of the borrow is proposed from the Kaufmann site sharing with Reach E.  There is a deficit of 250,000 cy needed to complete Reach F and G. Recently, RD 1000 staff reached out to the Sutter Pointe developers and there may be approximately 200,000 cy of excess material from their mass grading that could be available for the levee project. Contract Award still scheduled for 2022 and construction in 2023 and 2024 if a borrow site can be identified.

Reach G

  i.      See notes above for Reach F as Reaches F and G are combined into a single design and construction contract.

Reach H

  i.      The Corps is processing the contract modification to complete the fence relocations, patrol road and I-80 berm. SAFCA continues acquisition of rights needed to complete patrol road and fence relocations. This project will continue through 2022 as these contract modifications are negotiated and rights of way acquired. Paving has been completed from the Arden/Garden Connector to Pump Plant #8.

Reach I

  i.      Construction of the cutoff wall has been completed and project finalization and turnover to SAFCA and the District is in progress.

  ii.     Design for the Reach I Contract 2 to construct a patrol / maintenance road and perform levee slope flattening has been completed. SAFCA is working on real estate acquisition and coordination with utilities for relocation. Contract for tree removal to be awarded in January 2022 for public parcels pending right of way acquisition; trees on private parcels will be removed in late 2022.   The levee construction is scheduled to be done in 2023.

Other Projects

  i.      Plant 5 replacement—Design for Plant 5 replacement has been delayed to 2022 due to lack of funding. Corps is coordinating with SAFCA on the designer selection

  ii.     Highway 99 – HDR Engineers are doing the design for the closure of the Highway 99 crossing gap at the Natomas Cross Canal. The proposed fix is a slurry wall either across the freeway lanes from the top of the levee or along the waterside under the bridge with a clay cap placed on the waterside slope. The Corps and State will coordinate with Caltrans on the preferred alternative. The 35% plans have been submitted assuming the freeway crossing is the preferred alternative.

A Value Engineering study for the Highway 99 Project was conducted in December with some minor cost savings and construction techniques to reduce traffic impacts identified. The VE team confirmed the preferred alternative being across the freeway if required traffic control can be coordinated with Caltrans.

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