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FAQ - Voting: Board of Trustees Election

Board of Trustees Election 2020 Frequently Asked Voting Questions

1.       Who is Reclamation District 1000?

Reclamation District 1000 (RD1000) is a local Flood Control Agency serving the Natomas Basin.

2.       What do Trustees do?

Reclamation District 1000's Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of the district, setting operational priorities, formulating policy on district issues, developing and approving strategic goals and objectives, and contributing toward overall district planning and oversight.

3.       Why am I receiving this ballot?

You received a ballot because you are a property owner within the Natomas Basin.

4.       Why do I have so many votes?

This election is for Land Assessment Seats on the Board of Trustees. Under the District’s governing laws, your votes are based on your property’s assessed valuation on the RD1000 assessment rolls which are based on land use (not tied to your property taxes) and multiplied by the number of seats in the election (4).

5.       My property is held in a trust, what do I do?

If your property lists your full name in the trust, eq: “John Smith Revocable Trust” you simply need to cast your votes and sign the envelope, nothing additional is required. However, if your trust does not list your full name, eq: “Smith Family Trust”, you will need to complete a Form A and provide documentation from your trust indicating that you are authorized to represent the trust (an executor, trustee, owner, etc.). The Form A and trust paperwork should be submitted with your ballot in the provided envelope, or you can present the information in person on election day.

6.       What is “place of signing”?

Place of signing is where you are currently at, e.g.: “Sacramento, CA” or “Sutter County, CA”

7.       Do I need to fill out Form A?

You are only required to complete a Form A if your full name is not listed on the return envelope as the property owner. This is common for trusts, corporations, or agency-owned parcels.

8.       Do I have to vote?

We encourage all landowners to participate. However, you are not legally required to vote. There is no penalty for choosing not to vote in any RD 1000 election.

9.       Do I need to be a registered voter?

Landowners and the representatives of landowners may cast votes in a Reclamation District Election. You do not need to be a registered voter in Sacramento or Sutter County to vote in a RD 1000 Election.

10.   I made a mistake on my ballot, what do I do?

Please contact the RD1000 staff 916-922-1449 with your Ballot and/or Parcel Number as well as your mailing address so that a replacement ballot can be issued to you.

11.   If more than one person is named on the ballot, do we both need to sign?

Only one of the named property owners is required to sign.

12.   Can I write-in a candidate?

No, to run for the Board of Trustees you must have submitted a nomination petition with 5 endorsements by the nomination petition submittal deadline (September 10, 2020). You can run in future elections. Please see our website for information on the RD1000 Board of Trustees Elections.

13.   How do I know who to vote for?

District staff cannot endorse any particular candidate so you are encouraged to review the provided candidate statements. You may divide your assigned votes in any way across the candidates. 

14.   Can I vote in person?

Yes, RD1000 will provide in-person election services on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, from 7 am to 7 pm at the District Office, located at 1633 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA 95833

15.   I own multiple properties, what do I do?

You should receive a ballot for all eligible properties within the District and cast the number of eligible votes per ballot. If you need more information or assistance in casting multiple ballots, please contact the District office at 916-922-1449.

16.   I own property within the Natomas Basin but do not live there, am I still eligible to vote?

Yes, if you are a property owner, regardless of actual residence, you are eligible to vote.