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FAQ - Running for Office: Board of Trustees Election

Board of Trustees Election 2022 Frequently Asked Voting Questions

Who is Reclamation District 1000? 

Reclamation District 1000 (RD1000) is a local Flood Control Agency serving the Natomas Basin.

What do Trustees do? 

Reclamation District 1000's Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of the district, setting operational priorities, formulating policy on district issues, developing and approving strategic goals and objectives, and contributing toward overall district planning and oversight.

Do I need to be a registered voter to run for the board? 

Resident landowners (property owners that reside within the District) may run for a seat on the Board. You do not need to be a registered voter in Sacramento or Sutter County to vote in a RD 1000 Election.

My property is held in a trust, what do I do? 

If your property lists your full name in the trust, eq: “John Smith Revocable Trust”, nothing additional is required. However, if your trust does not list your full name, eq: “Smith Family Trust”, you will need to provide documentation from your trust indicating that you are authorized to represent the trust (an executor, trustee, owner, etc.). 

I own property within the Natomas Basin but do not live there, am I still eligible to run? 

No, Trustees are required to own property AND reside within the District's boundaries. 

What do I need to do to run for a Trustee seat? 

During an election year to run for a position on the Board of Trustees you must submit during the nomination period the following items:

  1. A completed nomination petition with at least 5 valid signatures from property owners within the District.
  2. Completed Form 700 - Candidate declaration
  3. Candidate Statement

Learn more about nomination petitions here.

Are there any campaign funding rules I should be aware of? 

If your campaign costs exceed $2000 you will be required to file a form 501 with the District office before filing an FPPC Form 410. These forms are only required if you are soliciting financial contributions or are expending personal funds on your campaign. Form 501 is triggered only in connection to campaign expenditures or contributions.