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Request for Qualifications: Banking Services

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Banking Services

Department: Administration
Category: Request for Qualifications
Start Date: 01/15/2024
Close Date: 03/01/2024 4:00 P.M.

Reclamation District No. 1000 (RD 1000; District) is requesting qualification proposals for Banking & Investment Services, from qualified financial institutions interested in providing banking and investment services. The primary objective is for RD 1000 to determine which financial institution can offer the highest quality of service using new technology at the most reasonable cost. This process also provides RD1000 the opportunity to explore alternative procedural methods that could improve its banking efficiencies.

We encourage you to be creative and educational in your responses. While your format must be consistent with the requirements of the RFQ, if you believe that your proposed solution or services would benefit RD 1000, we invite you to offer them. Please provide options to create efficiencies and improve and use new, applicable technologies.

RD 1000 intends to establish an open-ended contract with the conditions of the proposal remaining valid for a minimum contract term of five years. As a matter of policy, RD 1000 may conduct an RFQ for banking services at the end of the term. Either party may cancel the contract for any reason with 180 days’ written notice.
Given the ongoing changes in the banking industry and evolving technologies, RD 1000 has determined that a review of the services offered by qualifying institutions is appropriate. RD 1000 is seeking a financial institution that provides overall value by creating efficiencies, taking advantage of new technologies, and providing competitive pricing. RD1000 intends to maintain all banking services with one financial institution to maximize cash flow and minimize administrative costs. As such, banking service proposals must include services for the entire scope of the relationship outlined.The District reserves the right to reject any proposals and full discretion as to the award or refusal to award any contract.

Contact General Manager Kevin King at (916) 922-1449 or with any questions regarding this Request for Qualifications.