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Board of Trustees Election Nominating Petition

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Join our Board of Trustees! Here you will find a copy of Reclamation District's 1000's Nominating Petition for the 2019 Board of Trustees Election. 

Nominating Petition

Procedures for Completing and Submitting your Nominating Petition for the Board of Trustees Election.

1. Pick-up/Download a Nominating Petition from the District Office or the District Website

2. Fill out the petition. 

    a. Page 1 - Have five (5) RD 1000 Voters endorse your candidacy.
    Information required from each endorsement must include the following: Voter's Name, Residence, Signature, and Date of endorsement.

    b. Page 2 - Petitioner (prospective candidate) fills in the information requested, and signs, for both the Affidavit of Circular as well as Affidavit of Nominee.

    c. Page 3 & 4 - Petitions must be taken to a licensed California Notary Public and be signed and sealed by a Public Notary. 

3. Submit completed and notarized petitions to Reclamation District No. 1000's District Secretary by 5 p.m. on September 12, 2019. Our office is located at 1633 Garden Highway, Sacramento CA 95833.